I had thought running a newsletter would be easier than running a blog. That’s only true, I realized, when you rely on the likes of Substack. I always wanted to go independent and taught myself to do it the hard way…

Oh, I’m Subin Kim, the sole editor/publisher of this newsletter who’s been covering two Koreas for various international/local media outlets, including the BBC, for a decade.

I believe that more and more audiences are getting interested in what’s really going on underneath the superficial layers provided by most international media when they tell stories about Korea.

Having worked for some of them, I do understand their standpoint and I don’t blame them. Their Seoul correspondents are supposed to be generalists, not Korea specialists.

The problem is that the English media in Korea don’t do a good job of providing more context and digging deeper than what wire services do.

As a one-man band, at least for now, I aim to provide more context and background on the events in Korea. If it happens to go pretty well, I’d like to establish an equivalent of The Hill in Korea, but that’s another story for now.

You can reach me by subin@koreakontext.com.